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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

IT Service Management at Konnect Konsulting provides a unified platform for managing IT management at the enterprise level. The solutions provided include, automation, mobility, enhanced visibility and analytic insights into IT services management. Konnect Konsulting can help companies in becoming more diverse and integrate their applications with a wide range of technologies. Konnect Konsulting’s IT management provides a wide range of services.

Enterprise Application Services

The rising pressure to optimize costs and align IT with business outcomes is becoming an issue of high importance to IT businesses. It is important to find an IT business partner who can provide enterprise application services who can manage IT services, reduce costs and create

Konnect Konsulting has robust consulting and IT implementation capabilities in addition to global delivery based application infrastructure capacity. We can provide end-to-end IT business transformation solutions. Konnect Konsulting can provide enterprise applications services across Microsoft, Oracle and SAP technologies. Services include Enterprise Application Design and Maintenance, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management, ERP Solutions and Enterprise Asset management. Through its consultants placed onsite and offshore with expertise in process and technology skills Konnect Konsulting can deliver services across various projects and geographies.value for business.

Application Maintenance Services

Public and private sector organizations are increasingly reliant on their applications to deliver superior service to customers and citizens. Konnect Konsulting’s application maintenance and re-engineering services can help you migrate from legacy systems to newer, more distributed architectures that can meet the ever increasing demand of the businesses today. Our services can also help in maintaining already existing systems or renovate applications to comply with new regulations, standards and influences. Konnect Konsulting has excellent resources and expertise that can help eliminate downtime and maximize benefits of critical applications through its maintenance services.

Web Application Development

Konnect Konsulting has excellent capacities to provide web application development capabilities. Our method includes developing applications, designing necessary interfaces, integrating users and provides necessary consultancy support in this domain. Given that web applications are exposed to more risks and can be complex basing on the content and interfaces, Konnect Konsulting approach takes into consideration the technical complexity, documentation, test planning, change control, requirements analysis and architectural requirements while designing the applications.

Konnect Konsulting can work on a number of technologies like Java, Ajax, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, CGI, HTML5 and Xojo etc.

Independent Testing Services

Companies today are trying to find innovative ways to reduce on their software testing costs. In addition to reducing the costs it is also important for enterprises to find more efficient test strategies and practices to enhance customer satisfaction, minimize their business risk and meet the industry standards and compliance procedures and guidelines.

Konnect Konsulting independent testing services focus on delivering quality software testing, reduce time-to-market costs and ensure end user satisfaction. Our services primarily include specialized testing and product testing services.

These testing services include, automation testing, performance testing, enterprise application testing, web services testing and service-oriented architecture (SOA) testing. Product testing service portfolio includes compliance testing, device and firmware testing, embedded testing, interoperability and compliance testing and automotive testing.

Mobile Application Development

Konnect Konsulting has a team of highly specialized group of mobile app consultants, offering end-to-end service of application design and development on Android, iOS, Windows and Cross Platforms.

Using different methods from hard coding (Xcode, Java), selected freemium platforms (Appcelerator, Jquery, PhoneGap, Sencha) and selected Enterprise MEAPS (Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms) such as Kony, SAP ‘Syclo’ and Appcelerator Konnect Konsulting can provide consulting, development, design, integration, testing, and delivery of mobile applications.

SME Solutions

Konnect Konsulting’s SME solutions can help businesses and small enterprises automate and integrate business processes, improve decision making with real-time insights, mobilize workforce to achieve the desired results.

Some of the key solutions of Konnect Konsulting services in this division focus on integrated business management and intelligence, customer relationships across marketing, sales, and service channels, financial management, supply chain operations mobility solutions and risk management.

Data Migration

Implementing an entirely new enterprise application, upgrading or modernizing an existing application it is important to focus on data migration for a project’s overall success. During data migration replacing, upgrading and consolidating systems within a storage environment requires one to transfer data safely, cost effectively with ,minimal disturbance to running business.

Konnect Konsulting’s migration services can help confidently move your data safely in a cost effective manner. Our specialists draw on years of experience to perform data migration efficiently with reduced impact on your businesses.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services of Konnect Konsulting include market research, strategy and planning for digital marketing, media planning, provide marketing programmes and marketing in the social media sites. Consulting solutions provided can also support businesses mobile marketing, content development, creative designing application development and market assessments.