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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Operations in a company help in seeking better ways to achieve higher performance. With companies going global and business operations becoming more complex, companies are on the lookout to help them reduce operational costs, invest in transformational technologies, optimize results, manage cash-flows, reduce inventory-carrying costs, comply to risk and compliance regulations, gain visibility across supply chain etc. Konnet Konsulting expertise in BPO services can develop and provide services of global standards with technology-enabled business process services to help companies deliver business outcomes beyond operational cost reduction.

Konnect Konsulting’s service portfolio under BPO services includes a variety of services that can support any company or an organization of global presence.

Supply Chain Management

Konnect Konsulting has the necessary expertise and knowhow to minimize risk, improve forecasting and reduce costs to create a h2 supply chain that works. Konnect Konsulting’s focus is on simplifying complex supply chains, streamline, integrate and transform supply chain processes for optimum delivery through inventory, order management and provisioning of necessary logistics and also work on a proven result based framework for reduced costs, improve visibility and better response times.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Core information related activities that help provide the competitive edge to companies. Konnect Konsulting is rightly placed to provide additional value creation inputs, reduce costs and the necessary skilled workforce with the help of its specialized knowledge skills and expertise.

Insurance BPO Services

Low margins, short product lifecycles, customer expectations and changing regulatory framework are some of the key issues faced by the insurance industry. Konnect Konsulting can provide process driven solutions for insurance companies across the globe in back office operations and customer services and retention activities.

Retail & Consumer Packed Goods

The current economic downturn has resulted in significant pressures for retailers to reduce costs and increase revenue. The expertise at Konnet Konsulting helps the retailers to understand their customer base and also provide with necessary support required for managing front and back office business operations, manage end-to-end customer needs, aligning customer care outsourcing with research, analytics, process improvement, and back-office processing to ultimately improve a company’s profits and reduce costs.

Banking & Financial Services Industry

Konnect Konsulting has the proficiency to work on multi-year service-level agreements for all banking and financial services industry. Konnect Konsulting offers services in new customer acquisition services like telemarketing, application processing customer or merchant credit evaluation and verification credit approval etc., account servicing processes for credit cards or consumer loans like, payment processing, customer service or call center support operations, loan disbursement, collections, recoveries processing, default management, risk management and foreclosure; post origination transaction processing services under consumer and commercial lending like clearance and settlement services, remittance and records management; and back office transaction process management for loans or credit card portfolios, including custody services, fraud mitigation and detection.


Konnect Konsulting’s telecommunication process support operations can help in transforming businesses delivery timelines, improve turn-around-time and reliability. Konnect Konsulting can provides services in back office operations, accounting, customer service and client management, financial and recovery services etc.

Recruitment Process

Konnect Konsulting is geared to handle the entire recruitment process with global standards and SLAs. Konnect Konsulting is in a position to source and provide its own staff and also manage the recruitments process for the staff, technology, approach and reporting laid down by any company. Konnect Konsulting can also design and manage recruitment processes on a bespoke basis.

Training Support Services

Training support services at Konnect Konsulting cover learning, capacity building, training and change management services. Konnect Konsulting can handle development of training modules, delivery of training and learning solutions, administration including logistics and management of global training practices. It has access to world class expertise and resources to develop industry specific capacity building modules for high performance and change in human resources.